Two Must Have Add-ons for Gmail

Lets cut to the chase, you’re busy, and you need a miracle to help you with work. If you’re like me, you wake up earlier than most people and continue to work until late at night. The problem with that is most people don’t open emails before they get to the office and most people don’t open emails after they leave the office.

For those of you who are straight hustlers, this is a problem. Recently I started to use two add-ons that help solve this problem, and let me tell you, it’s increasing my productivity like no other. I no longer have to wait to send out emails, and I no longer have to question when I should reply back to someone.

Let’s do this! Here are the two must have add-ons to kick your productivity into second gear:


This add-on is not playing around! For those of you who like to work at unconventional times of the day, this will allow you to stay productive no matter what time it is.

Here are the features:

  • Schedule emails to be sent out at a later time or date
  • Get reminders directly in your inbox to reach out to someone if you don’t get a reply back
  • Archive important messages that you want to read at another time or date. Boomerang will bring back those messages to the top of your inbox when you schedule it to.
  • Respondable feature gives you insight on how well of an email you craft. Basically get this add-on and become a better writer.

Get Boomerang here


This add-on allows you to gain more information about your contacts, right inside your Gmail inbox. Not only can will you be able to see their good or bad headshot, but you can also see who you are mutually connected to.

This add-on allows you to build rapport and also makes connecting with them that much easier. It’s all right there, in your inbox! Forget the days of going to linkedin to get more dirt on the people you email. Sit back, and stay put at your inbox while Rapportive does the work for you.

Get Rapportive here