25 Reasons Why No One Follows Your Business On Social Media

You see the big brands on social media all the time… Their content is being shared and like by the thousands while your content is… well we won’t go there.
If you’re either not satisfied or want to take your social media to the next level, read the list below. These are common mistakes that businesses and professionals make that seriously hurt how others perceive them. On top of that, by addressing the items below you can expect to gain more traction on social media.

Here they are… 25 Reasons Why No One Follows Your Business On Social Media:

  1. Your product/service is boring
  2. You’re using the wrong platform
  3. You don’t post at the right time of day
  4. You don’t post on the right day
  5. Poor quality photos
  6. Lack of hashtags
  7. Improper use of hashtags
  8. Using irrelevant hashtags
  9. Your account looks more like spam than an actual page
  10. You don’t post often
  11. You don’t provide any value to your audience
  12. Your bio doesn’t explain your business
  13. You’re using your personal account as your business account
  14. You don’t ask people to follow you
  15. You’re using the same content on all platforms
  16. Your copy is boring
  17. You aren’t using Live
  18. You aren’t omnipresent
  19. Your graphic design is poor quality
  20. You’re not responding to people
  21. You don’t invite people
  22. The strategies you’re using are outdated
  23. You’re a “me too” business
  24. You have no authority
  25. You’re targeting the wrong audience

26. You’re too stubborn to get professional guidance
This one needs explaining. I hear all the time that businesses can’t justify spending money on social media. That’s like someone saying I can’t justify having a roof on my house. It doesn’t make sense. Social media is the foundation to building an audience. Without having an audience how does a business expect to sell anything. Spend money and build a following on social media because whether you like it or not, social media isn’t going anywhere.

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