New Facebook Feature Is Your Last Window Of Opportunity

Business owners and professionals listen up… This may very well be one of the last opportunities you have to reach new customers and establish yourself as an influencer in your industry on social media. Why? Because Facebook just rolled out Facebook Stories, a Snapchat clone on their platform.


Why is this a window of opportunity?

EXPOSURE. The new feature will allow Facebook users to see content posted on stories at the top of their screen, and because this is a new feature you have an opportunity to be a first mover. With Facebook’s algorithm in place, most of the content you post doesn’t reach your total fan base. However, with this new feature rolling out, this may be a great way to combat the algorithm and push content to your entire fan base.

Although this feature is only available in Ireland at the moment, Facebook does intend to roll this out to other countries in the following months.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know that social media should be a huge priority in your marketing strategy. Start planning your Facebook Stories strategy, and invest in growing your fan base on Facebook. Enough waiting. Social media is here for good. If you don’t have a dedicated budget and don’t spend time on building your social media presence good luck keeping up with your competition.

If you need further assistance with strategy or content creation, contact me today and lets get moving before your competitor does.