Snapchat’s New Feature Is Great News For Businesses

Snapchat just announced its new feature, Universal Search. The new feature will allow users to more easily search for friends, groups, stories and other content from Discover publishers. Although there is still the need for a better way to discover and grow a following this a great step in that direction as media released tends to indicate “mutual friends” through quick add. (see the video by TechCrunch)

What does this mean for business owners?

For those experienced social media users, this doesn’t really change much besides the ease of navigation. Keep providing great content and work on growing your Snapchat following. I know this can be challenging but there are some growth hacks that I have discovered that help me gain followers on the app.

For those business owners who aren’t too experienced, it means yes, there is another platform you should be spending your time on. Look, running social media accounts can be time consuming, but it is also the most cost efficient way to reach new people, drive traffic, and develop intimate relationships with individuals. Whether you like it or not, social media is no longer a luxury and it is here to stay for a very long time. Im sure you already knew that, but it’s time to start doing something about it and Snapchat is a great platform to start. Why? Because its real-time marketing. You get to post as you go.

This matchup between Instagram and Snapchat is starting to get interesting… Snapchat delivers with easier navigation through Universal Search, lets see what Instagram has up its sleeves.