49 Ways to Gain More Conversions Online

The Bad:

Unfortunately, being overly consumed with our mobile devices is the norm; constantly checking our devices for notifications, news, or entertainment. But hey, at least individuals are loyal to their device. One study shows that 71% of individuals sleep with or next to their phone in bed. (Read here)

The Good:

The same way you are overly consumed with your device, is the same way your customers are. And as the saying goes,  “Go where your customers are”, stays true. Your customers, potential or current, are in the palm of your hands… literally! But are you?

The Really Good:

You have access to your customers all day, every day! Individuals aren’t going to stop checking their phone any time soon. So it’s time to start capitalizing on this, gain conversions via mobile devices, and grow your business.

Whether you already put effort into increasing conversions digitally or not, the following strategies will either get you started, or increase those conversions…

49 Ways to Gain More Conversions Online

  1. Facebook Advertising – Capture conversions from people already interested
  2. Create a landing page to capture visitors information, then remarket to them
  3. Create offers that create instant gratification (See the marshmallow experiment)
  4. Slide into the DM’s – Most underutilized action online
  5. Give a free trial or item away as an incentive
  6. Utilize “Limited Time” offers
  7. Incorporate a countdown on an offer
  8. Have a sales funnel in place
  9. Email campaigns – Yes, they still work and are effective!
  10. Messenger Bots for Facebook
  11. Opt-in boxes to capture visitor information
  12. Free tools (That are actually useful)
  13. Influencer Marketing
  14. Creating a community via Facebook Groups
  15. Exclusive discount codes
  16. Creating compelling content
  17. Building trust through testimonials
  18. Ensuring your site is easy to use, making purchasing or subscribing simple
  19. Having a mobile friendly website (This should have been done years ago)
  20. Push notifications
  21. Swipe up feature on Instagram
  22. Links on Snapchat (Not enough individuals use this)
  23. Evergreen content for social media
  24. Video – Most effective and efficient ways to advertise on social media
  25. Be Omnipresent – Be on all social media platforms
  26. ASK! When was the last time you actually asked someone for their business?
  27. Collabs with others that align with your business/offer
  28. Snapchat geofilters
  29. Tutorials on your offer
  30. Remarketing through PPC
  31. Engage with your abandoned cart individuals
  32. Create conversations with fans on social media – This will build trust
  33. Have a good product/service
  34. Have good copy – Think about what you post
  35. Get rid of cheesy stock images
  36. FIX YOUR GRAPHICS – Use PNG files aka get rid of the white space from images you steal on the internet (Sorry drives me crazy)
  37. Use Snapcodes
  38. Don’t forget about LinkedIn!
  39. Automate LinkedIn using software
  40. Create upsells
  41. Have a business account on Instagram – Makes it easier for individuals to contact you
  42. Don’t #Hashtag everything – Makes your account look like spam. If an account looks like spam would you do business with that account?
  43. Keep your business accounts, business orientated – Don’t cross promote your hobby when your main point is to gain more business and convert
  44. Go ahead, use that Boost button on social media – It’s a good resource just make sure you have your audiences set up properly so you can drive traffic and convert
  45. Have competitions that will allow you to gain individual’s information so you can remarket and convert
  46. Invest in software to keep you from going crazy
  47. For those industries that require an appointment, incorporate tools like Calendly to secure the appointment on the spot
  48. Use Facebook’s Plan tool
  49. Get a coach! (Shameless plug) – Work with me or join my FREE Facebook Group where I go over tools like those mentioned above. It’s free and you get an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. Let’s grow together! Join the free group here