Mark Nanez

How I Used Tinder to Drive Sales

Some may use Tinder to find love but thats not why were here. We are here to gain more exposure, increase our email lists, increase our fan base, and GET MORE SALES.


Online marketing is more than creating content and advertisements, it’s about being creative and creating reactions. In this article I am going to share how I used a dating platform to gain more followers, increase my email list, and get more online sales.


So first off, why did I chose to experiment with Tinder as a platform to grow my exposure?


Simple… People on the platform are there to build connections, whether thats a one night fling or a long term relationship. So my reason of thinking was that people would be more open and curious about what I do for a living.


After matching with a few hundred people, yes I swiped right on everyone, I created a scripted message that I copied and pasted into every conversation. I asked about what they do for a living which naturally led to them asking me in return.


At the time, I released my e-book, The Millennial’s Ultimate Guide to Get Hired, so naturally that is what I talked about. To make things simple, I would copy and paste my url into the chat… Just turned the conversation into a sales pitch. I mean, who wouldn’t support my goals for $0.99?! – The price of the e- book.


While being on Tinder I came across many Millennial’s coming right out of college looking for jobs so my book was prime timing for most of them. In addition, I would mention that my website had plenty of free resources… This built my email list. From the website they would follow me on social media.


And just like that, I became omnipresent! I was now on their mobile device through the ebook, in their inbox, and on all their social media platforms. I may not have found love, but I did find online sales which helped me become a best selling author!

“And just like that, I became omnipresent!”

Remember, sometimes you might not have all the capital to run ads 24/7 or create content on a daily basis. That is why you must be scrappy and think outside of the box.