Get More Traffic With Snapchat

Snapchat is the easiest ways to market your business and one of the cheapest ways to advertise to thousands.


In this article we will go over 3 basic ways you can drive traffic to your business using this very easy to use platform.


Before we discuss driving traffic using Snapchat, lets address why this is one of the easiest ways to market your business.


Snapchat is a platform built off micro content and real time marketing. Made simple, it takes literally less than 10 seconds to make content and market yourself. If you know how to use the camera on your smartphone, you know how to use Snapchat. So why would you not spend 10 seconds here and there to gain an additional traffic channel? It’s a no brainer.


Now, back to three ways you can drive more traffic using Snapchat:


Snapcode Links


Think of this as the new version of QR Codes. It amazes me how many people still have QR Codes on their business cards… please stop this.  QR Codes never took off because you had to download a separate app just to open content but since Snapchat is already a platform everyone uses, there aren’t any barriers to the use of Snapcode links.


Snapcode links look your custom Snapcode but instead of taking someone to your account, you can now direct someone to an online web address.


This means you can now send someone straight to a product or service online once your code is  scanned. To make your own custom Snapcode click here.


Test this out… open up Snapchat and scan this code. It will take you to my professional Facebook page.




Using Snapchat Links


Once you take a Snap you can add a link. So when people view your Snap on your story, they can swipe up and visit a web address. To do this, take a Snap and on the right hand side will be a paperclip. Tap that, add your web address, and BAM! You have now created a channel to sendSnapchat fans to your website, other social media platforms, products, or whatever your heart desires.


Be creative with this feature and make it worthwhile for someone to leave the app. Think about giving exclusive promos for Snapchat fans only.




Custom Geo-Filters


Using custom geo-filters on Snapchat is one of the cheapest ways to build exposure for your business. For just $5 you can advertise to people in a 20,000+ sq. ft. area! Where else can you get a deal like that? (If you know of another place shoot me a message)


This is a great way to get people to your business who are near by. To start making your own geo-filter, scan the code below.




If you are still adjusting to Snapchat and would like to learn how to use the platform, check out my FREE Snapchat 101 course here.