My name is Mark Nanez and I help business owners reach their goals through my online marketing services.

I started helping business owners while I was selling for big name corporate companies. I noticed that local businesses were hiring agencies for social media marketing services. The one thing that bothered me about this was that most of these “agencies” had no idea how social media worked for businesses. (There’s a big difference between personal and business use) These agencies were using the same content for all their clients, weren’t keeping up with platform changes, and weren’t authentic.

Coming from a family of small business owners, I couldn’t stand to see local business owners get less than what they deserved, so I set out to change this and started my own business.

So what makes me different? I’m sure you’re wondering…

Years ago I decided to focus on the art of social media. Unlike other agencies, social media isn’t an afterthought service, it is my main service. I LIVE in the social media world. Sure, that may sound vague, but when I have employees from other agencies coming to my workshops, I know I am on top of the game.

Social media changes nearly every day and I keep up with every change to best serve my clients. Many agencies have a “proven method” to gain great results, I don’t. Why? Because each business is completely different. Each business and each social media platform has a different demographic. Below is what I do focus on…

  • Being Omnipresent
  • Studying analytics and taking action findings to make clients more effective
  • Producing high quality content
  • Being Authentic
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships

Besides online marketing, I do enjoy several cups of iced coffee, psychology, and neuroscience.